Thursday, March 19, 2015

U17G Soccer in PA, NJ, MD, VA & NY

These high school women at age 17 are no joke. 
Many are looking ahead to college soccer play. 
They tell their stories here.


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Anonymous said...

Anybody else watch the U16s National Championship between YMS Xplosion and JFC? I'm curious to hear the feedback from the soccer minds on here.

JFC beat YMS 3-0 and the game was not even that close. (YMS got a red card after the 2nd goal, but the game was over by then anyways)

I wouldn't go as far to say that JFC put on a clinic because YMS has a couple good players, but JFC dominated every facet of the game from start to finish. Their passing, movement, and creativity was of a high level and not surprising that they consistently beat a disorganized back 4 for YMS. One bright spot for YMS was a MF player that appeared to be head & shoulders above her teammates technically, athletically and with fitness. You could argue that she may have been the best player for either team as well for most of the game.

One surprising thing was that in a National Final, the YMS coaches did not change their tactics once it became obvious to anyone watching that they were consistently getting broken down by JFC. Maybe I missed it on the video feed. JFC was relentless and it was only a matter of time before they netted a couple of their opportunities. Counting the number of quality chances both teams created, JFC could have easily won 5-1 on the day.

Congrats to JFC on winning back to back championships, not an easy task.

Anonymous said...

YMS Xplosion are now officially the Buffalo Bills of girls soccer.

Anonymous said...

Even if JU as an organization does not fold completely, the club should be banned (All ages) for at least 3 years from participating in any tournament or showcase for what they did in the U15 and U16 girls groups. Not sure if they did the same in others.

It was unfair not to inform the tournaments much earlier that they would not be fielding teams, especially when college coaches were potentially coming to the games. Not only did they did their own players get screwed, they screwed players on the other teams and wasted potential college coaches time.

I find it hard to believe that they could speak to their players a week or two in advance to get an idea that they were in trouble with players to give the tournament a chance to replace them.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I agree 11:37. Not sure how far ahead they told the other U16 teams, but in the U15 age group, JU still hadn't officially forfeited the whole tournament. The first team they were to play Sunday morning actually checked out of their hotel early to get to the field to play and were warmed up and waiting on the bench when they found out JU wasn't coming.

They did the same thing to the second team they were supposed to play on Saturday. All the JU girls were in their cars on the way home after losing their first game while the team they were to play second waited around after their first game until the game was officially called before the start.

Inconsiderate to all the players, families and team/college coaches to say the least.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how anyone could try and bash YMS? They have made it to the national finals for the last three years without a big roster(14-15)field players. This is amazing in today's day and age when they compete with all the large clubs around the country. Whomever posted this nonsense really does not understand the game and that they actually develop players which is a lost trait in youth soccer today or someone who is just jealous.

Anonymous said...

My daughter has played with and against YMS players since she was 11. Much credit goes to the team. However, I was shocked when I saw them play Blues last month. Not the same team. Perhaps they were missing some players. I know a few have left for ECNL teams, but not many. The MF you are referring to is National ODP and is committed to Harvard. The only other player that stood out was a very fast winger. Although they may not be as strong as they once were, still a great team.

Anonymous said...

If you really watched YMS play Blues you might have noticed the girls laughing and having fun on the field. That game was used as practice for Nationals. YMS declined going to Indiana for Nationals. Have you ever watched YMS beat O'Reilly? 3 times. If YMS played at 50% they would have killed Blues.

Anonymous said...

I did not see any laughing but it certainly looked like they were playing at 50%. So thank you for clearing that up. I knew something was not right.

Anonymous said...

@ 5:08, YMS used the mid-Atlantic regionals as a practice for regionals ... OK.... But then proceeds to play at 50%? Really, that makes sense to you? How is that preparing? Come on you can't be that dumb, after all you managed to turn your PC on. Besides, they destroyed JU in that event, I assume playing at 50% as well?

Anonymous said...

Moral of the story, next time take your practice games seriously and play at 100% to be ready for Nationals!

Anonymous said...

Long time reader, first time poster.

@1:50pm - Bashing YMS? Seems like you are referring to the cliff notes version someone posted about the Finals at Nationals between JFC and YMS. Haven't watched the match and doesn't seem like anyone is bashing YMS on here, but rather sharing insights to a game.

Yes I agree with you, what they have been able to accomplish with a smaller roster is not common. With the DOC as their Head Coach I'm sure it doesn't hurt either that the team probably receives preferential treatment with training times, allocated practice space and access to resources. They only have 1 Premier team, so why wouldn't they put all their support behind this team? Anything less than making it back to the Finals probably would be considered a failure.

Making it to the National Finals, 3 years in a row is not on accident and I applaud YMS on accomplishing that. Although they didn't win State Cup, Regionals or Nationals, they are still back in the National League which everyone should consider a success.

Anonymous said...

Imagine if they could win something!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, JFC is in the ECNL now, so won't have to worry about them.

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