Tuesday, January 27, 2015

U13G / U13 Girls Youth Soccer

U13G  / U13 Girls youth soccer seems to offer the most teams and the widest diversity of talent.

Where these players will end up is anyone guess.

Welcome to the ride.


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Anonymous said...

Some parents will follow their kids. Some people move to offense or defense with their kids. But a majority of the parents stay on the half of the field across from their teams bench.

Anonymous said...


Hey PDA daddy, just curious, who do you think would win a game between the Hereford Hurricanes(2843) and the Strike FC Premier(2689) you guys played at the Eclipse Cup? No matter, much like our teams they will likely never play. Fortunately we played Hereford 30 minutes from home, you guys traveled to Ill to play those teams. What was that like $1000/player? One decent game? Anyway you should know that despite their record Hereford had a couple decent players and they were a good warmup for Athletico(74) who our girls beat 3-0 later that day. You guys played Athletico as well right? At EDP Cup? 2-1 was it? Well I guess thats almost as good. You probably just "had some injuries, and the ref. was bad, and they were mean” Or is this one of the times you didn’t bring your “real team”(Do they ever play BTW?)

Just saying, no biggie.

Anonymous said...

11:17 - What does that sound like or should I ask a father on our team what his wife sounded like giving birth? Is it different then any other nationality?

Anonymous said...

Best league in region? Come on now. Who is drinking the kool aid. Time and time again it is proven that ECNL starting next year will be far and away the best league. Let's keep it real. Other league is a great option, if all of those teams stay they way they are and best players do not make moves. Which changes things drastically. Again, the jumping of top players has a proven track record as well as ECNL..... Could this league work out? Yes. But as usual, the ECNL is a proven elite league.....

Anonymous said...

I love the PA, MA and VA talk and sometimes MD talk thrown in with the NY and NJ talk.

Keep it coming sorry for my ignorance - I thought the WPSL (Division 2) team represented PennLegacy at that level like the W-League (Division 2) NJ Wildcats represent their youth teams. Just assumed it was a pathway - my bad.

It's kind of cool.

PL there is a nice tournament in April in NJ - where I am sure many top teams will be - try your luck talk to your coach - you don't have to drive 6 hours to get some quality games and who knows you might even wind up in the same bracket as Storm or Tophat, FC Stars, FCV, Boston, CT or Creeks from FL of course if you think these are top flight teams.

Anonymous said...

11:18 - Yes, we did have a great game this past fall when we played didn't we?
Came down to the very last minute and hotly contested all the way through.
Both teams left it all on the field and brought it the whole game.
Players got knocked down and got right back up.
And best part no excuses afterward.
And neither side came on the blog and attacked the other afterwards.

Anonymous said...

The reason EDP has a CHANCE to be the best league is that it is non exclusionary

Last spring the leage was nicely stacked, NPJ and ECNL plus others combined.

Of course options keep popping up.....

Anonymous said...


You hit it on the head. ECNL teams play to win league games. Only play tournaments as a bonding scenario, everyone plays!

Anonymous said...

When you say something like that, that belittles the event and the teams that play in it. If that is true why dont tourneys just put all the ECNL teams together and Non ECNL teams together. That way the teams that really want to play and win can play each other. The teams that want to play friendlies can then play each other.

Anonymous said...

Topdrawer soccer released top 10 recruiting classes for 2015. Out of the teams talked about here below are the teams that have girls going to one of these top teams.

PDA - 5 girls
Matchfit - 4 girls
Penn Fusion - 3 girls
BRYC - 1 girl
Maryland United - 1 girl

Good luck to these girls.

Anonymous said...

So 12:56 your saying that everyone plays on ecnl teams ONLY when they play in those meaningless tournaments, not in your league games.
Interesting because on our team EVERYONE plays EVERY GAME, league AND tournaments..
sure wouldn't want my daughter to be on one of those ecnl teams and only get to play and develop in " a few meaningless games". wonder what message about their value as players is sent to those girls who only play in what is openly discussed by all the coaches and parents and players as meaningless games.
How do they feel when they don't get to play in those meaningful league games.
You have reinforced our decision to stay put.

Anonymous said...

1:11 Why are you taking it personally. It doesn't "belittle" anything. These teams start every season with one thingin mind - 1 ECNL National Title, they shouldn't be blamed for this and what better way for them to test girls that don't play as much in games that count than to play top teams in a tournament with nothing on the line for them. If they play friendlies both teams have nothing on the line, but if one team needs a good result to maintain high flights - then that's what they would be looking for. Wouldn't you??? The Non-ECNL team needs the tournament to be flighted high in showcase tournaments. The ECNL teams gets a look at other players playing top teams to simulate a league game for these players they are trying to evaluate. How does this "belittle" anything.

PS. Tournaments use the ECNL teams to draw teams to their event like MSC.

"The MSC Kick-Off Classic is home to ECNL, USSF, REGION One, NERP, NPL, EDP, US Club, ENYSSA and top international teams." They keep their applied team hidden so more teams apply that are looking to play these types of teams. While on the flip side FC Delco has their applied team visible from day 1 both are used to draw teams to their event and they won't put them in the same flight because that doesn't help anyone.

Anonymous said...

1:45 I don't like the expanded rosters but they do serve a purpose in developing top talent. Reading your post - do you think kids only develop by playing games? or you only watch them play in games and don't stick around when they train because it's PRACTICE?

Anonymous said...

Just looking at EPYSA ODP page how do all those 25 girls (2000 team) benefit in playing games when they only roster 18? or how do the girls from region 1 ODP benefit if they don't get invited to play in Cosata Rica? Oh then it's okay because they are competing for playing time but it's not okay to compete every day for playing time?

Anonymous said...

I demand a recount. Thanks for the research. But it is only one site, most people don't even know what it is or refuse to read it because the assumption is that it's an ECNL front that also covers Boys Academy, Boys and Girls HS soccer, college, etc

PDA - 5 girls
Matchfit - 4 girls
Penn Fusion - 3 girls
BRYC - 1 girl
Maryland United - 1 girl

Anonymous said...


One of the biggest problems with American soccer is that we OVER-TRAIN these kids. They need to be out on the pitch, playing real soccer, learning from their mistakes, and developing creativity. Instead we hire coaches to drill into them exactly what to do at all times on the field, continually correcting every "mistake" from the sideline and expecting them to execute the coaches gameplan flawlessly. Sorry, the best "training" is playing. Oh, it's also the most fun.

Anonymous said...

Helped you in deciding to stay put 12:56? Most sheep do not get to venture outside of their protected gate and only get to graze on the grass their told to eat.(Even if the bulls have crapped there first). Because their owners know whats best for them and their little lambs (or don't want them to see whats out there). Yes, of course you will stay put.

Anonymous said...

The only ones who don't stay put are the top two or three players..they will leave or already have.

Anonymous said...

New York Times:
How a Soccer Star Is Made
"Ajax puts young players into a competitive caldron, a culture of constant improvement in which they either survive and advance or are discarded. It is not what most would regard as a child-friendly environment, but it is one that sorts out the real prodigies — those capable of playing at an elite international level — from the merely gifted."

"EARLY IN EACH NEW calendar year, youngsters in the Ajax academy are given preliminary notice of their status. Some are told they are secure, others that they are in danger of being sent away in the spring"

Growth Level (Ages 13-17) “The developmental years”

– Dynamics
• Players start to take the game more seriously; participation numbers drop off
• Still an emphasis on those who stand out physically
• Over-emphasis on winning in this age group
• For many, the end objective is college

– Assessment Summary
• Need to eliminate clutter in the environment – elite players are stretched too thin
• Clubs drive this age group due to everyday interaction
• Meaningful training is important

The quality of the player’s soccer experience is
more important than the quantity

OR you can listen to 2:27 who likes quantity over quality for fun. I guess that depends on your kid and what her dreams are.

Anonymous said...


When you already play on the best team within 60 miles, where would you go?

Anonymous said...

3:29 Define Best?

Higher GS ranking?
Better Winning %?


Better Coaches, better club philosophy on development not team - Club?

Some teams talk the game but don't walk the walk - it's more about the coach than the kids - and it's simple if they don't follow the USSF guidelines because they know better you have your answer, about who's more important the kid's development or the coach's resume.

Anonymous said...

3:35, there are very few clubs that meet that criteria, and we are very fortunate to belong to one. Whether her teams wins, or loses I know she is getting the best training. What she ultimately does with that is her choice, but I feel confident that I have brought her to the best of the best.

Anonymous said...

If you believe your club is the right place - why didnt all the top players who leave your club every year believe the same?

Anonymous said...

3:56, do you have any idea what club I am talking about?

P.S. FYI: Some of the players leave to join various USSF National teams.

Anonymous said...


You could ask that same question of PDA. Heck , they've had entire TEAMS leave. Truthfully it's not the club, it's the coach. And of course some people are always going to seek out greener pastures.

Anonymous said...


That sounds horrible. I'd rather my kids team lose every game and she "retire" from soccer at the end of high school

Anonymous said...

1:11PM, you have to know that 12:56PM says that because he/she knows that playing tournaments is a no-win situation for ECNL clubs like PDA, so they have to preemptively justify any loss they may endure. Otherwise, if they win, well of course they did. They were supposed to. But if they lose, well, clearly it couldn't possibly be because the other team was better. How could they be if they don't have those four pretty letters after their name? It was only ever about team bonding for them. Can't put too much stock in the losses.

Anonymous said...

Doesnt matter who was better. What did the players get out of the trek?

For some players in ECNL the answer is "not as much as we thought...."

For others it is perfect

Anonymous said...

4:19 you are so right, LOL.
And they think none of us are sharp enough to figure out there game.
And you have to love 3:28 post.
Like all these kids at these ecnl clubs are a candidate for the level of soccer they are preparing kids ID'd by Ajhax are preparing for.
coe on Man.
Some of the kids on storm will be lucky to play low level D1 or D2 or D3.
At least half of that current storm team will be replaced in the next 3 years by players who never even have been to pda complex and are now being developed elsewhere by the very coaches and trainers these pda coaches and shills are now on the blog knocking as using an inferior training and development program.
If the program they have in place was really superior, then why are they always on the blog trying to convince us that we have to move our kids there as it is the best route to the next level? Why even waste their breathe as if they really believed their baloney they would have no interest in players being developed in these inferior leagues by these inferior coaches and trainers who are not teaching them the right way to play,etc. and inferior programs and leagues and their in house model would produce all their players from their A, B and C Teams.
Why not?
How is it that a player who has been ding everything wrong for 5 or 6 years show up at U15 or U16 and beat out their in house player who has been groomed by their master training program for those same 5 or 6 years?

Anonymous said...

A top player can come from anywhere but most are good players on these higher level teams. Parents may look at them as top players but they are merely good strong players. The good strong players will not replace any starter at PDA after u14. But a top player will be invited in at any time.

if your child is the best player on Wildcats, she can step in at any time but not the others. I think that whats everyone is missing. All parents think that their good player is better than the other good player that PDA has trained for years.

The reality of the situation is that these good players are often disappointed at tryouts.

Anonymous said...

If 7:16 is correct than Kudos to the coaches and trainers of these teams who have beat Storm in the last year with a roster full of inferior players who could not break the Storm lineup!

Anonymous said...

Pages and pages of names of players that simply would never try out for PDA Storm

Think there's a decent chance some of them can play a little?


Anonymous said...

You did notice I said after u14?

Anonymous said...

I'm not a NJ parent, but I've seen the Pretty Dumb Academy teams play. Your trying to say that the top players from the top teams on ECNL, NPL and PAGS teams wouldn't make it on yours at U14? That might be the dumbest statement that has been on this blog today (and there has been alot of them). Just the pure athleticism of some of the top players, combined with their skills would have the PDA academy coaches trying to figure out which present PDA girls are going to be moved down or cut. When the end comes and reality hits, you are going to regret getting that PDA coaches tatoo on your chest.

Anonymous said...

parents say what you are saying at every group, because they need it to be true.

Once the team is formed by u15. It will be difficult except for the gifted.

its not like a good player from outside will be competing against a girl that is just hanging around.

just look at the turn over after u15- it is slight except for the occasionally player of real quality.

You are delusional to think otherwise but maybe your daughter is that exceptional player.

Always room for the exceptional player but not every team has one.

Parents just think their player is exceptional

Anonymous said...

A top player on another ecnl team has most likely been vetted especially if the team is a a very good one. she would most certainly be welcomed.

PAGS and NPL will have a few- but not many.

The rest are just strong players just like the strong players that have come to ecnl teams at u13 , and u14.

Do you think it gets easier for the players as they get older or harder?

I think only the ignorant doesn't recognize its gets harder when the girls get older

Anonymous said...

8:56 is the epitome of the parents who he describes in his quote
"Parents just think their player is exceptional".
Your won daughter is a very average athlete in every way.
lacks size, outstanding pace, physical toughness, etc.
Yet what you see when you look at her is very different from that reality.
she will be soon relegated to a small role player on Storm if it hasn't happened already, replaced by a better athlete with more upside.

Anonymous said...

"parents say what you are saying at every group, because they need it to be true."

Very True!

Anonymous said...

9:29 where are these better athletes that are willing to move? How many game changers do we have that are WILLING TO MOVE? a handful? The others are all very nice soccer players of which PDA & MF already have approx 160 girls.

I also think the longer the girls wait the harder it will be for them to take an ECNL roster spot. But that doesn't mean it can't happen, all I am is a yahoo posting his opinion.


Anonymous said...

9:10 I think PA is another animal. FC Bucks and CFC Delco are still building and based on their results could use some help.

FC Bucks scored more goals than FSA, WC, Albertson & CFC Delco.

They were 1 behind PennFusion and 2 behind CT FC and only 5 behind MF. Their problem is that they gave 48 and were 1 of 3 teams that gave up more than 20.

CFC Delco needs offensive help and some defensive help.

So in PA a lot more opportunities exist if parents feel a move is needed.

WC also a player for some NJ girls that might not have a shot at MF or PDA or is just to long a ride.

EM & Albertson have Long Island on lock down, now they just need to figure out how to get the Queens/Brooklyn kids out there before Met Oval & or Gottschee decide to get into the girls market. If EM problems don't go away would ECNL slot move to the city and give Albertson long island?

Anonymous said...

East Meadow is a mess, would not be surprised if the Hotshotz try to move to Albertson and combine with their ECNL team. They would be a strong bunch, but do I know, I am just a NY Yahoo...

Anonymous said...

I guess that's the question on the Island. Where do Hotshotz go?

ECNL or NPL or Region1 CL is EM is no longer ECNL like Virginia Rush.

That could open the door to another NJ Club - possibly down south SJEB, NJ Wildcats or another? WOW what would that do NJ Soccer? Ajax and NJX players may opt to stay closer to home.

I don't think PA would get another since they have 3, but NY sticking with 3 makes sense WC up north, Albertson on the Island, so they would need a city Club Brooklyn/Queens or Manhattan to cover NY,NJ also make sense MF up North, PDA Central and a Mystery club down South?

Doesn't the ECNL announce their new clubs around this time if they add any?

But of course the USSF can steal the show with a new Girls DA

Anonymous said...

Where's this big announcement from US Soccer that was supposed to happen in January concerning girls youth soccer?

Anonymous said...

PDA and Match Fit merging! Will be able to maintain 2 ECNL teams. Will have 4 NPL teams.

Anonymous said...

NPL Finals 2015 update

With a win this weekend vs Weston FC 01 Premier Black
the West Florida Flames 01 Elite Girls (FL) will clinch the
NPL Florida Premier League 2014-15 title and become the 3rd
team to qualify for INDIANA.

Qualified Teams with State GS Rank

OR #1 FC Portland Academy FC 01G -RE ECNL
FL #3 West Florida Flames E 01 Elite
WA #13 Mapple Valley Premier SA Navy Marauders 01

1. Eastern Development Program - NPL Division
2. Gulf States Premier League
3. Midwest Developmental League
4. Mountain Developmental League
5. New England Premier League
6. New York Club Soccer League - NPL Division
7. Northeast Girls NPL
8. Northwest Champions League
9. South Atlantic Premier League
10. South Central Premier League
11. Southern California NPL
12. Virginia NPL

Anonymous said...

New Jersey Cup 2015
Top 5 Teams Applied
GS Rank 100 Top

6 STA Morris United NPL 01
12 NJ Wildcats Averbuch
30 Players Development Academy Ajax
62 Match Fit Academy FC North East NPL
79 NJ Crush FC Tsunami


New York Cup 2015
Top 5 Teams Applied
GS Rank 100 Top

50 ISA 01 NPL

Anonymous said...

16th Annual FC DELCO Players Cup
Teams Applied u13G

GS Top 200
3 Crew Juniors Crew Juniors Elite
10 NEFC Elite U13 Girl
17 Seacoast United Elite - DR- 01/02
20 Greater Binghamton United FC 01 Select
22 Penn Legacy FC 01 Black
23 Albertson Soccer Club Fury '01 Pre-ECNL
34 Boston breakers Academy GU13 ECNL
45 Tri-State FA Elite 01
48 New York SC G01
77 PA Crew Academy Blue
102 Massapequa Soccer Club Lil' Rowdies
107 Pipeline Soccer Club Black
135 Waza FC East 02 Juniors
141 LaGrange Soccer Club Lagrange Rage
149 Smithtown Stars
154 Alleycats Soccer Club Elite Neko 01/02
161 Medford SC Hurricanes
168 Bethesda SC Academy 2001 Blue
196 Maryland United FC 01 ECNL

DMS Soccer GU13 Academy
Alleycats Premier Mayka 01/02
Hauppauge Hot Shotz
Albertson Soccer Club Fury 01 NPL
Beach FC 01G Red
Bethesda SC Academy 2001 White Maryland
Boston Breakers Academy GU13 Royal
Continental FC Barca '01F NPL
ESSC/Henlopen Whitecaps
Quickstrike FC Elite
Herndon Youth Soccer Hooligans
Maryland United FC 01 Red
Premier Angels
RI Strikers FC 01/02G-Bowden
Thunder SC Furia Roja
X-Treme Select SC '01/02 Select - Black

Anonymous said...

Using Top Drawer - The ECNL was represented by 24% of the clubs with players from NY ,NJ & PA made up 59% of the 2015 Commitments. Are there other websites that capture this kind of data?

22 PDA
16 Match Fit Academy FC
8 FC Bucks
8 Penn Fusion
7 Albertson SC
4 World Class FC
4 East Meadow SC
1 Continental FC DELCO

6 Greater Flemington SC
5 Farmingdale SC
4 New York Rush Patriots
3 Beadling SC
3 United German Hungarians
3 FC Revolution
2 FC Europa
2 Lehigh Valley United
2 Syracuse Development Academy
2 Vincent United
2 Yardley Makefield Soccer
1 FC Copa
1 New Jersey Rush
1 Wall Soccer Club
1 Intense Soccer Academy
1 Buffalo Soccer Academy
1 Syosset SC
1 Brentwood Youth SC
1 Revolution Empire
1 West Virginia United
1 Southampton SA
1 Lower Dauphin County United
1 PA Classics
1 North United
1 Pittsburgh Riverhounds

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice that there were zero players on the 2015 commitments on Top Drawer from NJ Wildcats, STA, TSF, NJSCA and 1 from NJ Crush. This say volumes.

tell me why I would play for the clubs above when they have no record of commitments.

Anonymous said...

6:39 guess if your daughters spot is taken you might have to go play for one of those clubs

Anonymous said...

6:39- then don't have your daughter play for one of those clubs. At this age group they seem to be doing just fine without her.

Anonymous said...

Hearing some teams got their Manhattan acceptances today, if not earlier

I dont think there is a list posted yet

Anonymous said...

Enjoy playing for the short sighted program. Do you see how irrelevant it all will be in a few years..... But they were contenders back in the day......

Anonymous said...

The only girls top drawer soccer know exist are ECNL teams who list them on there, girls who PAY to have their profiles there and those that have attended TDS combines. That leaves out about 99% of the players most of whom don't know TDS exists.

You're not really such a shill that your trying to make people believe the girls from those other clubs aren't playing in college are you? How desperate are you for new players for your daughters team? Are her teammates really that bad?

Look, most of those clubs you listed will place 100% of their players into college programs. Unlike PDA you can go on their websites and see where all their former players are now playing in college and look at their track record. Are they all D1, nope, but you'll find at the ECNL clubs half go D2 or D3 as well. That's probably why PDA doesn't list theirs on their website. And what about the other 60 or so u-18s playing at PDA right now, are they not playing college?

That was just a pathetic and deceptive post. In the future please try harder!

Anonymous said...

Last years u18 class at PDA had over 50 girls playing d1 and d2.

no other program in the region can claim that success

Anonymous said...

You just have me figured out don't you, "goomba".

I said " Are there other websites that capture this kind of data?"

It was an offer to do more research.

But I will be your shill and everyone else's on this board.

Anonymous said...

As if you're not 6:39 as well. Nice try!

Fell free to post a breakdown of those 60, # D1 vs 2 vs 3. Are we talking UVA, Rutgers, Appalacia State? Tremor community college? Again if PDA is doing such a good job and is proud of their placements, why do they only post boys college choices on their website?

Anonymous said...

6:39 was not your shill. I give you my word but since this is anonymous board the Admin can validate the IP address of the two posts and confirm they were different for you.

I will post the list of the 60 later tonight or tomorrow it takes a bit.

Anonymous said...

Took the short cut and only listed the schools of the 60.

Just for the record I'm not a shill - but you can keep calling me that if it makes feel good, it doesn't bother me I've been called a lot worse.

2 Colgate
2 Columbia
1 Oklahoma State
1 East Carolina
1 Middlebury
1 Loyola (MD)
1 Northwestern
1 Wake Forest
1 Temple
1 LIU Brooklyn
1 Butler
1 Duke
1 Seton Hall
1 Saint Joseph's
1 Virginia
1 Fordham
1 Rutgers
1 Stanford
1 Boston College
1 Florida
Match Fit Academy FC
2 Lafayette
1 North Carolina
1 NC State
1 Dartmouth
1 St. John's
1 Georgetown
1 Stanford
1 Manhattan
1 Western Carolina
1 Purdue
1 Maryland
1 Virginia
1 Boston College
1 East Stroudsburg University
1 Seton Hall
FC Bucks
3 Saint Joseph's
1 Williams
1 Holy Cross
1 Auburn
1 Colgate
1 Sacred Heart
Penn Fusion
2 Penn State
1 Dayton
1 Massachusetts
1 Cleveland State
1 Syracuse
1 Old Dominion
1 Tennessee
Albertson SC
2 Quinnipiac
1 Yale
1 Manhattan
1 Miami (FL)
1 Northeastern
1 Adelphi
World Class FC
1 Emory
1 Rider
1 Fairfield
1 Miami (FL)
East Meadow SC
2 St. John's
1 Hofstra
Continental FC DELCO
1 Coastal Carolina

Anonymous said...

Different poster here;

If you want to see the current recruiting class go to the PDA website in June..

Every year they post the college commitments from their u17 and u18 teams.

Not sure why they take them down but the list is vast and impressive.

Parents should always ask about the clubs prior college commitments.

it is where your current u13 age group is headed.

Anonymous said...

"As if you're not 6:39 as well. Nice try!

Fell free to post a breakdown of those 60, # D1 vs 2 vs 3. Are we talking UVA, Rutgers, Appalacia State? Tremor community college? Again if PDA is doing such a good job and is proud of their placements, why do they only post boys college choices on their website?"

I must say that this poster is very vested in trying to bring PDA down to a level with other clubs.

You are so off base about this that its makes you look like you have no idea about the landscape. It is probably your first time around and you are not fact checking for yourself. I am betting you are regurgitating whatever it is your club is saying to its parents. Its not hard to check for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Thank you but I am very aware of the landscape and where PDA falls into it. Many of the clubs listed by 6:12 as having only 1 or 2 commitments in fact have their entire rosters committed, just don't advertise it on Top Drawer. If 6:39 was not the original poster, then I apologize but he may want to do some fact checking of his own. He mentioned the Wildcats first( not surprising) saying no commitments, so go to their website. 17 commitments so far. More than any other ECNL club listed other than PDA of course.

University of Penn
Univ of Rhode Island etc

You can check the other clubs websites yourself. I am curious why PDA takes theirs down. I suspect they want everyone to think even their b&c teams all go D1 as well. PDA may be the best girls club in the country but even they don't live up to the perception their marketing department puts out. That's why I asked for the breakdown d1vs2vs3.

I would say that's an impressive list for PDA, but what do I know. I just regurgitate what I'm told.

Anonymous said...

Here is another place that shows the commitments. Not sure where he gets his data from but he breaks it down by club also.


This sheet shows
PDA = 21
Matchfit = 12
NJ Wildcats = 13

Anonymous said...

Off that site below are the colleges listed for Wildcats players:

Wagner - 6
VCU - 1
Rhode Island - 1
Philadelphia - 2 (d2)
Towson - 1
Lafayette - 1
Seton Hall - 1

Anonymous said...

Interesting that both the Ivy League commitments are missing.

Anonymous said...

Question - Are commitments & scholarships one in the same? If not, then who cares? I'm more interested in what/how many players from a club got scholarships as that is an indication of a superior (or inferior) soccer program. Or am I missing something?

Anonymous said...

You are missing something. My daughter is playing ivy and I dint get a dime because I'm a white male born in the usa and I pay a lot of taxes. But she never would have been accepted without soccer. She started as freshman and they wanted her to play lacrosse as well. She is an athlete and was offered a lot from many other schools. Every school we looked at was for education, not the money. Soccer can help in more ways than money, it's about life after soccer.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure many people take a better education offer over money offer.

Anonymous said...

There is no money in soccer just a nice experience.

And of some pride.

Its all about the education not the scholarship!

Anonymous said...

Anyone interest soccer tournament 5v 5 on 16 of February?

Anonymous said...

This is a soccer board talking about clubs and how they help kids lower their loans by receiving some type of help for playing soccer not about life after soccer. It's a soccer board!!!

8:06 I'm with you - I am also missing something.

Anonymous said...

8:53 Of course there is money in soccer - maybe not in the states.

"Colorado Rush forward Lindsey Horan has signed a 2-year contract with French professional side Paris St. Germain. In signing the deal, Horan walks away from a scholarship with the University of North Carolina. Horan’s deal was reported by one outlet to be worth a yearly salary in six figures."

Anonymous said...

8:06, 9:01 - If the only thing you are interested in is Scholarship money then I feel bad for you and your Daughter. The education she will get possibly because of soccer is worth a lot more then a few thousand dollars

8:14 - it is great your daughter took the education. I want my daughter to go to an IVY league school too. I hope soccer helps her get in.

Anonymous said...

With FC Virginia Pre-ECNL 01 also applying for FC Delco Players Cup that top flight is shaping up to be REALLY NICE with another 3 months to apply

My prediction of top flight:

FC Virginia Pre-ECNL 01
Crew Juniors Crew Juniors Elite
NEFC Elite U13 Girl
Penn Legacy FC 01 Black
Boston breakers Academy GU13 ECNL
Tri-State FA Elite 01

Others than can make up the next 2:

Seacoast United Elite - DR- 01/02
Greater Binghamton United FC 01 Select
Albertson Soccer Club Fury '01 Pre-ECNL
New York SC G01
Maryland United FC 01 ECNL
Waza FC East 02 Juniors

Anonymous said...

Can you please explain how Penn Legacy gets into your top flight, again, and again, and again??

Please, just stay in the tent with the strippers.

Anonymous said...

9:34 This is a board to talk about soccer? No? I think we all know that an education is number 1 and that there is life after soccer - it scares me that you don't see that. I actually feel bad for your daughter.

Anonymous said...

9:42 - just so you know this is this board's shill. Oh boy - I might actually not be with PDA, shhhh.

You guys better get your act together, I've been tied to NJ Crush, NYSC, STA, NJX, PDA, NJ Wildcats, EM and now PL - wow I got 3 states covered.

I listed 6 teams, so if we remove them who gets the nod? give me 3 from the list of applied teams.

PS. sad that I'm posting about a tournament 4 months away instead of one next month.

Anonymous said...

Question for shill:

Will performance at Jefferson Cup have any bearing on how a team, Penn Legacy for instance, is flighted at Delco?

Or is it the prestige of being FIRST FLIGHTED that will follow the club through the spring?


Anonymous said...

Thanks #2!

I think that their performance will dictate that. If they get smacked around, and lose all 3 games, it will affect their placement. But the PDA tourney is before that, and I am sure PL will apply for that.

Anonymous said...

What league(s) was Penn Legacy in fall 2014?

Anonymous said...

No team list for Manhattan but we do have last year's applied ist

Albertson, NJ Crush, Calvert, FC Stars N, FC Stars W, Match Fit NPL (NJX), NEFC Elite, Long Island Roughriders, NJCSA Galaxy (as NJ Force), NJ Wildcats, Sachem Speed, South Shore Elite, TSF, Manhattan SC, Western United (MA) and Everton FC (CT)

among the 44 entrants (some were playing 9 v 9)

Anonymous said...

10:09 I didn't think PL should have been in the top flight at Jefferson - But overall I think Jefferson did a great job,they weren't going to make every one happy.

Based on the list of applied teams at Delco they were included in my top 6 because I felt they had an edge on the other teams.

I don't know if I agree 10:16. Calvert lost all 3 at Disney to teams that I wouldn't consider top flight teams that got smacked around by Boston. It didn't seem to bother Jefferson Cup. I think Jefferson Cup will go along way in where they would be flighted at PDA if they apply.

From my research, they played PAGS D1 and were champions after winning a playoff - I hate Playoffs!! The funny thing is PA Classics were the regular season champions and I guess runner up after the playoffs but were flighted in 3rd flight at Jefferson, I guess the PAGS d1 title, the PennFusion beat down and Creeks victory went a long way as all other results were on par with other teams

Again just my opinions after looking at the results but as it was pointed out by another poster I am no expert when it comes to youth soccer just a yahoo - PA guy(s) have a better understanding of PAGS. I also love soccer nuts take on things.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, pretty much all there was........

and the Penn Fusion win was a summer game.

Seems Legacy built up a boatload of wins in their summer campaign, Maybe volume worked to their benefit.

Anonymous said...

Penn Fusion was not a "summer game" it was the quarterfinals of Spirit United, I believe the top ranked tournament for u13 girls in the country. But why do you care?

Anonymous said...


It enables teams to play the league for development, but gives the top 4 teams a chance to play for the real championship. That way winning every game is not important for the coaches or players. Personally I like that but it's just the opposite of what you guys do

Anonymous said...

11:07 I agree it was no summer game. Spirit is a top tournament to get top quality games before teams start their league play. As you can tell I value league games more.

Anonymous said...

11:12 You are correct I value league games more.

So my question is will PL value Region1 Champions league? or is just for development? even though there is a trip to Region1 Championships? In the future I can see the champion being promoted directly to National league will it still be for development? or will you change your opinion then.

Of course PAGS games are from development and Tournaments would be higher - i agree - but not everyone plays is PAGS some leagues offer a National title like SuperY, NPL, ECNL and National League.

EDP is a great league also, just wish they did what NYCSL PL and NEP did, send their better teams to play each other as of now it's now better than PAGS (but it does have better teams in my opinion)

Anonymous said...

EDP is better then PAGS at this age group.

PL will not sign up for the PDA tourney

Spirit is a big tourney but still it is in the Summer, hence a summer tourney .

Anonymous said...

I agree about EDP and PAGS an offer this research.

played in EDP but also played some games vs PAGS D1 teams this season at u13.

vs EDP W3, T5, L8, GD -7
VS PAGS W5, T0, L1, GD +5

They both tied STA - but I think that is because they over scheduled, let's see how NJ Wildcats handle busy spring.

The rest of the results don't speak volumes. Although I like NJCSA curious to see how they do at jefferson and this Spring in NPL (assuming they are the team playing NPL) would make a nice subplot for NJ Wildcats (with a busy schedule) playing NJCSA for a trip to INDIANA on the line.



Anonymous said...

EDP and PAGS would both be valued at 9000pts per GS.
1 thru 8 vs 1 thru 8 would likely be 3-3-2 but if it makes you feel good ok EDP is better.

PL will not be at PDA, they have a state cup game and possibly a Reg 1 game that weekend. They are priorities. That should answer your question 11:26. Besides who wants to play the ECNL teams subs?

Spirit is played 2 weeks after the start of the ECNL league games, and 1 wk before FCStars. Also rank #1 girls tournament in the country Ty GS. Not a summer tournament, who are you trying to fool and why?

Anonymous said...

the 5 games wildcats will play in EDL League will also be 5 of their 10 games on edp schedule(6 edl teams are also in edp league) so only 10 games overall for those 2 leagues, then another 5 games for Champions league.
they are only playing 1 tournament this spring jeff cup(last year they played jeff cup plus pda, matchfit and fc delco tournaments so overall probably less games.
Not overly aggressive schedule but alot of upside(3 shots at nationals) so well schedule planned.

Anonymous said...

12;00 you don't get it. You can't say jefferson got it right when they put PL in top flight and then got it wrong when you look at the PAGS placements vs EDP placements. I have an opinion based off the way I interpret the stats.

jefferson cup flights by league

2 EDP (#1, #2)
1 PAGS (#1)

2 EDP (#3, #4)
3 PAGS (#2, #3, #4)

1 PAGS (#5)

2 EDP (#5, #8)

1 PAGS (#6)

1 PAGS (#8)

Anonymous said...

If wildcats dont play in all those tourneys how are they going to get gotsoccer points to stay on top?

1:17 - No you dont get it, no one cares about PA soccer.

Anonymous said...

they will collect all the points from the 10 leagues they are in.

Anonymous said...

1:28 True

10 EDP games = GS points from EDP Central and EDP NPL

5 RCL = GS points from Region1 Champions league.

Well played NJ Wildcats.

I care about PA soccer just like I care about VA, MD, CT, MA, NJ & NY soccer plus DE, RI & NH.

Is your team going to FC Delco to play? or are you playing EDP cup? or maybe you just stay at home?

FC Virginia Pre-ECNL 01
Crew Juniors Crew Juniors Elite
NEFC Elite U13 Girl
Boston breakers Academy GU13 ECNL
Tri-State FA Elite 01

Anonymous said...

The comments 11:26 made were very good regarding Pags strenght of teams overall vs EDP. One thing of note to who ever mentioned Classics winning the regular season pags play, they didn't play PL or YMS during the season and would have lost to both. Harford and LVU going to EDP and struggling means very little as they would at best been in the lower tier in Pags. If you haven't seen Pl play and how they sub in everyone at once regardless of game importance, and put girls in spots their not use to and struggle at. Well, then you really don't know what your talking about when it comes to forsaking development just to win. Its great for the girls but puts knots in the stomach of parents. Especially when its close. Coach has had the top 3 or 4 best players on the bench during a tie game in tourney play. I would sat he is letting the girls figure it out.

Anonymous said...

I spy jealousy.... ;)

Anonymous said...


Another parent who sees a pecking order within his daughter's team.

Anonymous said...

Hate to bring this up but the sub rules are so very different in ECNL vs every other league.

Would the PL coach take his best players out with the knowledge they couldnt go back in the game or at least until after halftime? So you may see it as "letting the girls figure it out" Others may see it a resting best players for when they are needed to go back in the game.

Anonymous said...

Actually, he starts different lineups every game. So its never the same lineup. Most of girls like it, they no if their not starting one game at least they'll start the next. So sitting until halftime really never matter because its always a different five girls coming in. Takes a little getting use to, but he seems to make it work. Although a few parents have threatened to leave because of it and do like the equal playing time(or close to it).

Anonymous said...

PAGS plays's 8v8 at U12 so possibly many of the PA teams that move over to EDP at U13 are still transition mode from 8v8 to 11v11.

Cannot compared the PAGS league to EDP league until a team has played a full year at 11v11. Many of the NJ EDP teams have been playing 11v11 since U11.

Anonymous said...

2:55 Sounds great - AND happy girls are enjoying.

I wonder how much if anything changes if game results were important to qualify for a chance at a National Title?


PS. at u13

LVU beat

Harford beat

Not sure how you can say " struggling means very little as they would at best been in the lower tier in Pags" after they seem to have hand led the PAGS teams they have played with only lossto HMMS by LVU 0-1.

I think it said a lot about PAGS and where LVU and Harford fit in the PAGS pecking order and How EDP teams would handle PAGS teams in head 2 head match ups. But then again you see if differently because you are attached, I'm not and have no agenda as I am a Shill and could care less about either league.

Anonymous said...

Curious if there's any anticipated movement between any teams this offseason or if everyone is waiting for Spring tryouts. Obviously it would take a special situation to leave during the winter, but it does happen. Anyone aware of anything?

Anonymous said...

3:19 I never understood why someone would move in the Spring prior to tryouts unless they felt unwanted.

How would one know? I guess if you see a new girl training with the team.

PS. I'm not a shill and I do care about every league. Just being tool - sorry for that.

Anonymous said...


Were any of those wins after sept? Hartford and LVU were playing 11v last yr those other teams weren't. There's a learning curve . Might want to look at those same teams at wags Bethesda etc after they have a couple full sided games under their belts. Big difference

Anonymous said...

That was good background work on the LVU and Harford scores 3:11. You are a pro when backing up your thoghts. I said lower tier because most of pags was so down this year. Evident by YMS and Rage only scoring 13 goals in 8 games and yet finishing in the middle of the pack. 1776, Classics and Legacy were the only teams with a high goal differential. Good call

Anonymous said...

GS points are needed by town teams to get an opportunity to play in big tournaments.

You can't blame the Wildcats for using the system to their advantage. It is very expensive when you include all the additional tournaments, travel expenses, etc.

Give the players and parents credit for the sacrifices they make to play in top tournaments.

Anonymous said...

Wildcats only playing in 1 tournament this spring Jeff Cup.
Get your facts straight if you are going to comment on a team other than your own.

Anonymous said...

Wildcats only playing in 1 tournament this spring, the Jefferson Cup.
Their goal this spring is to prepare for Regionals in West Virginia in June, and to hopefully qualify for one of the National events.Not to win a tournament or just gain GS points.
Get your facts straight if you are going to comment on a team other than your own.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering how many tournaments the Wildcats were playing in this season?

Anonymous said...

Wildcats don't need to play tournaments because that is not where the points are. They will get 6,000 points playing in the inflated points EDP league.

Anonymous said...

No way Wildcats miss Delco this year. Top flight can be a special one with 3 top ECNL teams already (CFC, Boston & FCV). With over 2 months to go potential for a deep age group exists - 2 very good flights can be made now.

1. CFC West Orange
2. FC Virginia Pre-ECNL 01
3. Crew Juniors Crew Juniors Elite
4. NEFC Elite U13 Girl
5. Penn Legacy FC 01 Black
6. Boston breakers Academy GU13 ECNL
7. Tri-State FA Elite 01

+1 from below

GS Nat rank
17 Seacoast United Elite - DR- 01/02
20 Greater Binghamton United FC 01 Select
23 Albertson Soccer Club Fury '01 Pre-ECNL
48 New York SC G01
77 PA Crew Academy Blue
168 Bethesda SC Academy 2001 Blue
196 Maryland United FC 01 ECNL
135 Waza FC East 02 Juniors

Anonymous said...

11:23, thanks for the updated list. So let ask you, of all the teams listed in the 2nd group, which one would you like too see play, please be impartial.

Anonymous said...

Scholarship? Commitments?. Come on people. All of these clubs are posting these kids achievements of commitments for their own profit and advertisement. Have these clubs list only soccer scholarships. Don't take credit for their academic achievements. They would never post only soccer scholarships because their websites would be empty, they are that few and far between.

Anonymous said...

11:23 I can answer your question many ways all impartial.

** Play a team from a state I've never seen before maybe NH, MI or PAW

** Play a NPL Pre-ECNL team to measure team. Albertson

** Play a ECNL outside of NE Girls NPL Maryland or Bethesda

** Play a team the girls can beat
PA Crew Academy blue

** Play the best team will require a little research since I have 5 that are very similar, but it could be just this board that is making me see things this way - i would like to research them first. Albertson, NYSC, NJCSA Maryland & Waza

Anonymous said...

sorry that was for 7:02

Anonymous said...

8:12 here again forgot Seacoast, will research 6 and give my opinion. Anyone else have an opinion on this?

Anonymous said...

** Play a team the girls can beat
PA Crew Academy blue

Hahaha, that’s a good one!

I guess Maryland United, would like to see them, but I might get my wish a little sooner at Jeff cup. Guess you always have to be careful about wishes. I hope to get to watch them against WC, should be fun.

Anonymous said...

Only 2 more weeks until USFF Northeast Regionals!

Its going to be a blast, and the girls really love it! The Wildwood convention center is a great venue, with 6 games being played simultaneously! Its fast, its exciting and its a great bonding experience for the team.

Futsal is not for everyone, its for the best of the best.
So come down to Wildwood, and enjoy some great competition, and you might even pick-up a move, or two, to use this spring.


Anonymous said...

Yeah like the national championship last year in California, where only four teams showed up. Its about the $$$$$.

Anonymous said...

7:03- Great point, your exactly right. Teams talking about college coaches and soccer scholarships are selling their product (soccer) to parents.

Any reason why GS has not awarded points for Spring 2015 EDP leagues yet? I was under the impression once you register and pay you get points?

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, you must be the same moron who posted the same comment a few weeks back.

Like I said, its not for everyone, especially closed-minded folk like you. Its for players that want to improve as footballers, that want to be challenged, that want to wear their club kit, and say to everyone, we are here, now beat us.

P.S. Everything is about money, but this is money well spent, but what do I know I am just a futsal-yahoo.

Anonymous said...


I'd include Albertson and GBSC if looking to play the toughest match

Anonymous said...

GBFC, sorry

Anonymous said...

Why, you want GBFC to hurt someone, is that why you want to see them play? Bunch of hacks, and a disgrace to youth soccer.

Anonymous said...

I thought the issue was BEST team to play, not style of play.

The elite need to be able to handle all types.

Anonymous said...

RAGE FC has merged with NJ Rush (current #12 in NJ and MAPS finalist, where the lost final to GB)

Anonymous said...

11:25 I don't think 10:26 was talking about style - he just doesn't want his kid to get hurt with dangerous tackles and stuff. I can respect that.

11:47 have you seen them play can they contend for the EDP title? Are they the NPL team? Interesting, a while back I said they would be a team to watch along with NJCSA because the club had multiple teams at this age group playing the same level or close to the same level.

Anonymous said...

Seems Rush is well organized. Good call if you said back then they were a club to watch.

NJSA (NJCSA) now has Cedar Stars behind them so their inclusion makes great sense

Good division, whether or not you believe it is greatly tiered (read: no need to chime in with boasts, MF and PDA).

Anonymous said...

7:02 This morning I would have said NYSC with wins over STA & ISA but after looking at the teams on that list I would to Albertson - the win over EM and STA put the mover NYSC. NYSC had that 4 game stretch that will stick with me until they go to u14 and we wipe everything away. GB only had Hartford and 1776 as big wins. NJCSA no big wins in my opinion - they beat the teams they should have. Seacoast, Waza and Maryland didn't have any big wins that stuck out more than the Albertson wins. I didn't look at ties or Ls - just Wins. it's cheap I know but it was easier this way for me.

Anonymous said...

I like looking at quality wins as well

I wouldnt discount PWSI out of Virginia as a quality result

I also dont eliminate all wins at U12. Greater Bing 2-0 over Penn Legacy was just 10 months ago.

We are in agreement on what drew us to Albertson. I think they may have improved significantly of late

Anonymous said...

@ 10:26 am. How do they get away with this illegal play? Do the ref's lose control of the match? Or is what they do ok by the refs?

Anonymous said...

Any team like that is at the MERCY of a good official.

Hustling play turns rough. When there are few whistles it can snowball.

No knock on GBFC - and no, they are not "taught to play this way"

Anonymous said...

2:39 - I'm not 10:26 - I don't think they play dirty - but they are big and aggressive - you know sometimes the ball might go through but not the player. Nothing wrong with that - but sometimes girls can get hurt. I like games with no fouls - quick ball movement switching the field and high pressure defense. Not many teams can play like this. For the record my kid's team can't. They try but they can't to many mistakes.

Anonymous said...


Seriously? U12, 8v8, indoor played game at their facility.... You can eliminate that.

Anonymous said...


Seriously? U12, 8v8, indoor played game at their facility.... You can eliminate that.

Anonymous said...

I've wondered how many opposing teams have been affected just by the nonstop screaming from that GB coach? Truly one of the worst displays of sideline coaching I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

You couldnt score a goal in an indoor game? Makes it an even better win.

Anonymous said...

The below is why I like US Club Soccer and their PDPs than can lead to id2 in addition to the coach referring players.

I just hope their is a some type of award if players are good and some type of a negative if the coach refers a player that can't hang.

To me this is better than ODP, I think all the NPL leagues have their own PDP in addition to the ECNL PDP.
I think EDP TIP is similar to this, someone else can comment on this.

"There is no cost to players to be identified for or participate in the id² Program. For id² Training Camps, all lodging, meals and training gear are provided at no cost by US Club Soccer and Nike. The id² Program, open to all players regardless of U.S. Soccer affiliation or lack thereof, is an Olympic Development Program approved by the United States Olympic Committee and U.S. Soccer Federation."

Anonymous said...

So the girls who get identified out of NPL, for instance, dont play with those identified out of EDP?

Why is that good?

Anonymous said...


Smaller sized indoor goals.

The refs were literally on the payroll of the GB coach who owns the facility, I think that one earned a bonus that afternoon!

Anyway, it supposed to be a scrimmage, at least that's what were told, still wondering how it showed up on GS, but whatever.

Anonymous said...

It says Region 1 Colonial League

Anonymous said...

Indoor is a different game. Especially when played in that dome with those refs!

Anonymous said...

5:24 it's free ODP compared to $1,500.

Most NPL leagues have a PDP that identifies players for id2.

That's not good?

PS. Be more specific when you say NPL we have 5 in region1 and I believe

New England, Virginia & NYCSL all have PDPs, Not sure how EDP does theirs, could be just TIP. NorthEast Girls NPL doesn't say anything about PDP on their page.

Anonymous said...

5:30 it was a friendly that did not count in region 1 colonial league final standings. Only the below counted in a league where the champion qualified for premier league before they scrapped both leagues. These were 8v8 games?


Anonymous said...

"While Meriwether’s example is rare, concussions in girls soccer are not. The American Journal of Sports Medicine studied the rate of concussions in high school athletics from 2008 through 2010.

Of the 1,936 reported concussions during the study, 47 percent were suffered playing or practicing football. No. 2 on the list: girls soccer, at 8.2 percent.

“Whenever somebody hits their head, everyone’s worried,” said Francis Parker sophomore Taylor Salmons, who suffered a concussion as a freshman. “We know it’s common.”

Causes of concussions:

Doctors and coaches cite multiple factors for the high number of brain injuries in girls soccer. Among them:

• Girls’ necks and heads are smaller than their male counterparts, giving their brains less protection.

• Inspired by iconic heroes like Mia Hamm, Brandi Chastain and Abby Wambach — plus lured by potential college scholarships — girls are playing more aggressively, sometimes recklessly so.

• When in midair, boys appear to have better spatial awareness, recognizing potential collisions and avoiding them.

• Girls may be more inclined to report concussions than boys."

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the concussion post, it's important. One of the things that I have noticed is that most girls don't know how to head the ball correctly, that is on the coach. Most girls that I have seen use the top of their heads and not the forehead, which is the problem. Also, most girls do not bring enough force to the ball, they don't use their shoulders and meet the ball with pace. This leaves with absorbing most of the shock. I work with my daughter on bringing the ball down with her foot, which is easier said than done, especially on punts, or free kicks. She is not small, but she has a natural respect for the ball. Not too many girls like getting a shot in the face.

Anonymous said...

Fun for a slow Friday

Project NJ top ten if we look at GS on 7/1.

Anonymous said...

it's futsal season and it amazes me how no one on this board likes to talk futsal.we have made the trek to wildwood the last 4 years and my kids love it. The competition in Jersey is better than surrounding state tournaments we have been at. It's a great venue and there is no shortage of good teams.The kids love the fast pace and non-stop action.In my opinion a great soccer player will not necessarily make a good futsal player, but a good futsal player will pick up valuable skills they can use on the soccer field. As far as someone's comment about California, California really should change their tournament from the summer. No one wants to play indoors in the summer.... Also often wonder are these kids getting looked at,seems like most teams are just put together for winter season,but others are futsal academies. the kids seem to know who the teams to beat are. See you there. I'll be the dork with the grin glued to my face enjoying every minute.

Anonymous said...

njcsa is very good, however coach has organization issues, close to this team. they should look for team manager, a better one or something. I believe BOCA will also move up to top 10 quickly and continue their run. Spurs are dropping with injury issues. pda will always be on top, wonder where pda shore goes from here? sta is just good, plain and simple. tsf is also the same. Wildcats, we played them before and did well against them, not sure about them, only seen them that one time about 1.5 years ago. MF, I have heard they are beatable.

Anonymous said...

I have been told by a pediatrition that one of the reasons girls are more prone to concussions, is that most females have a longer neck than males. This somehow creates more sway when the head is struck. Of course this is one of many reasons that are out there.

Anonymous said...

Agreed re: benefits of futsal. It's very different from the outdoor soccer game & not for everyone. I have seen the tough physical players struggle mightily with the game (zero tolerance for pretty much any contact in futsal & after 5 team fouls it's a free PK for the other team). The game demands a superior first touch & quick movement off the ball. Also tight space requires fast decisions, real fast. A deadened ball that hardly bounces & harder to kick adds to the challenge.

I've been to Wildwood last 3 years & once again will be there in few weeks. It's a great tournament, well run with premier officials/facility at Convention Center. I'll be the other dork grinning (that is when my daughter's team is winning).

Anonymous said...

Sorry I don't about Futsal because it's usually friends from different teams that play together or one third of a team that plays. I agree the game is played fast, no different than indoor (different rules) to each their own. Both should be played fast with one or two touch passing to get out of those tight areas. Agreed not every player can do this and have seen many games resemble the outdoor game just indoors. For that reason my kid is not playing this year. No knock on the sport or the leagues.

Anonymous said...

Finally, some parents that appreciate the advantages of winter Futsal training! We are also going to be in WW for the NE Regionals, and it was a bunch of fun last year. My daughters team did well, getting to the playoff round, but without a true GK the outcome was inevitable, just one of the many factors that determines a positive result. We look forward to playing teams like Dynamo, DV Academy and some of the Maryland Futsal Academy’s.

Anonymous said...

3:44, I agree that sometimes it is girls from different teams, but not always. In our situation, our club runs a futsal program as supplement to winter training. Its a select team, which means that only the best candidates are chosen, and sometimes girls from the u13 team are disappointed. Futsal is a great way to build confidence, improve foot-skills and sharpen the fast decision-making, that is crucial to success in later years. Its not for everyone, its for players.

Anonymous said...

1:52 You claim "Boca will move into top 10 quickly and continue their run".
What run?
BOCA Team is not a contender in NJ and never will be.
They couldn't even get into Jeff Cup and they have 9 U13 flights.
What league do they play in this spring?

Anonymous said...

I agree most Jersey teams are soccer teams just looking to keep the kids busy over the winter. When you watch an academy whose kids play futsal year round it looks like a whole different game.the footwork the passing the set plays,it's at a whole other level. Jersey has one legit team at this age, and will be ready for them this year!!!don't forget your state tournament next weekend ,love that old gym..good luck to all

Anonymous said...


MF is beatable? of course, every team is beatable. PDA is beatable. look at their tournament results.

top teams are

NJ Wildcats


Anonymous said...


Reading this this I would be interested to hear what teams you think are training their players correctly in New Jersey.

Are those big tough kids the answer to soccer development

Anonymous said...

9:37 If you have soccer people making the decisions size doesn't matter - they know what to look for and sometimes the truth hurts.

If you people that read some books and watched some you tube videos on how to train kids - well then all they know is the big tough kid is where it's at and if you don't have another option then that hurts even more.

So the question isn't a NJ thing it's a US thing.

We need soccer people teaching our kids how to play.

Anonymous said...

Don't kid yourself though..... When the training pool of these top girls all have comparable skill, they will pick the bigger stronger body first. That is also where the truth may hurt. Sucks at times, but still a definite reality.....

Anonymous said...

what about the girl with a better soccer brain and better skills compared to the big girl who runs fast?

which one is the better player?

Anonymous said...

There need not be an answer to that

Anonymous said...

I still like to use a top 5, 8:54 pm

My question right now is who to put in as 5th team.

STA joins the 4 you mentioned

Candidates for 5 are Crush, Ajax and NJX/MF-NPL

Anonymous said...

Are there quick smurf-like NCAA players that arent getting a proper look for national teams?

Anonymous said...

How is Crush in the top 7? Good team but really haven't beaten any one in last year.

Anonymous said...

size & height absolutely matters! huge advantage & d1 scouts are looking for it. all the major d1 schools want height its a fact. very few & far in between does the shorter player make it. of course there are exceptions but large majority of girls who play at d1 level are above average in height. sorry folks but that is just a fact.

Anonymous said...

Height and speed.

Anonymous said...

1244 you are correct but in that order, height first. you can develop speed & train for skill, height you r daughter either has it or she doesn't. if she doesn't there is nothing a d1 coach can do. he will opt for the taller player first every time.

Anonymous said...

I dont think D1 coaches immediately dismiss players 5-2 through 5-4.

My question was are there whispy players who rely on elusiveness that the USWNT is not giving a chance to play with the beefier (and I understand - fast, as well) group.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure D1 coaches (or any coach who has hopes of keeping their job) are decidedly NOT looking at height as the main criterion, satisfied that they can train for skill. If your daughter is of college recruiting age and doesn't possess skills strong enough to get noticed by college coaches, they're on to the next field. It's easy to spot the tall girls, yes, and it would be optimal if they have skill as well, but if they don't, it's going to show when all eyes are on her. College coaches don't want to be burdened with developing skill. That's your club trainer's job. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

I would say it is skill, speed, height in that order.

Anonymous said...

best players have game IQ in any sport.

skill and speed added make am elite player

sorry for all this tall strong girls.. better to play basketball

Anonymous said...

Who is this WNT Player?

Height 5 ft 1 in (1.55 m)
Playing position Wing-back/Winger

Please stop this already.

If we are talking 25 girls all have the same speed and skill the bigger girls win all the the time. That's not even a topic.

However, is this conversation about big aggressive athletic kids vs smaller faster technical kids?

The smaller kids win 9 out of 10 games hands down.

Sorry but if you can't play fast - and I'm not saying the kid isn't fast - they have not shot at the highest levels of soccer or any sport.

Just one yahoos opinion.

Anonymous said...

The big tall girls have one advantage their height to get noticed out of a crowd. So if they are skilled they are in and one step closer to winning a spot - but if they show that they don't possess soccer skills they are dismissed just as quick.

Anonymous said...

What attributes I most value?

First touch, keeping control of passes that have page

Great field vision, followed by quick, sharp and accurate passing

Self-less distribution to open team mates

Win all 50/50 balls

Always shake the officials hand

Thank you.

Mr. Yoohoo

Anonymous said...

WNT vs. France and England - International Friendlies

8 players under 5'5"
4 players 5'9" +

12 players in between

4:32 I agree except "all" 50/50 balls I would be happy with "most".

Anonymous said...

That is why i said skill, speed, height (size) in that order. You have to have the first two. If not it doesn't matter how big and strong you are. But if you have the 1st 2 you will get picked over a smaller girl.

Anonymous said...

4:38 first of all this is a site where whats realistic for 99% plus of the parents on this site is for their kid to play some level of college soccer D1, D2 or D3 .
Let's not waste time worrying about what the USWNT and other countries national teams are looking for because the odds are very strong NOT ONE of these U13 Girls playing currently in region 1 will ever make any USWNT.
Now let's talk about whats realistic, which is at BEST a decnt % of these girls may have a shot at playing D1.
As all sports are copy cat leagues and they look for what worked most recently at the highest level of their sport(D1 college soccer)what they saw is florida state and Virginia had easily 90% of their players on the field were 5'7"or taller.
so what you can bet is that most of the D1 coaches of the major conference programs who aspire to make the college cup(womens final four) are indeed looking at height as one of their most important considerations for recruiting along with pace, skill, competitiveness.
Not knocking the national Team Programs of France or Japan as they are outstanding and play a very skilled game of soccer, but that is not the type of female player that is coveted at the major college level, because that is not the way the college game is played on the female side in the US at this time.
Even Virginia , maybe the most skilled and possession oriented side in the US on the womens side, had to change up and play more direct vs Florida state because of the size, strength and athleticism that florida State brought to the table(Virignia had already lost twice to Florida State in conference play during the regular season and they knew they could not win playing the way they did in those 2 losses).
BTW, Virginia changed their formation for the final to a 4-5-1 from a 4-4-2 and flooded midfield and played more direct and still lost to florida State's more athletic and bigger, stronger, faster side.
Virginia had some of the best small midfielders in the country, skilled players and good passers with great touch and vision, but they couldn't keep the ball vs Florida State's size and speed, they kept getting taken off the ball and couldn't build their normal attack as Florida State just kept turning them over and countering with quick strike transitions.

Anonymous said...

My princess is going to be a professional soccer player, because I am going to bribe all the right people, all the way to the top. Its a simple formula,

speed=how fast you can get them the money

height=what floor of the building we will at on to transact said bribe

skill=the ability to sell success to my child.


Anonymous said...

5:14 - Would you tell your kid that? or would you continue supporting the dream? I would support the dream as long it's still her dream and if she wants to be a WNT player then who am I to say you can't. Didn't know kids stop developing after u13.

So you are saying not one kid from Region1 will play for u14, u16, u17, u19 & u21 NTs?

Interesting it looks like VA was the taller team.
VA 6 girls under 5'7" out of 29
FL State 7 girls under 5'7" out of 15

what ever, I do understand what you are saying though but I just disagree. There are 320 schools with about 6,400 players on D1 rosters. I think they fill the roster with the bigger girls after the top skilled girls are gone again that is just this yahoo's opinion and I think it's okay to disagree - no?

Anonymous said...

STA I would not consider as a top team.

I attended a STA game this fall vs a top program's C team. I was disappointment with STA play. STA was clearly out played vs its opponent. Yes STA won scoring on mishaps by opponent. They were out shot, out possessed. Been around soccer for a long time, I do not see STA lasting, just like older team's will lose it's best players to top programs.

Anonymous said...

5:52 No ones saying to take their dream at all. Let them keep that dream, as you say their will be a kid from region 1 every 3 or 4 years make it.
Maybe your kid will be the chosen one, who knows.
but you better make sure she has more than just ball skills and vision as you claim because it will take much more that those qualities to make it that far.
And if she is short, she better be lightning fast and very tough and scrappy as well as very skiled.
Just telling you the odds are strong that not even 1 player from current U13 batch in region 1 will make the national team.
but we as adults should at least be realistic and aware of the reality of the situation and not

Anonymous said...

5:58 you don't think we know that.

Work ethic is number 1? If your kid is working out and playing with the ball by herself she will make it - if she want's to be the best kid on her team that is what's needed to make NT player. The speed of play, skill, soccer IQ and vision comes with the territory. If they have all of that they will make it. PS. My kid's 13 and is nice player but she has plenty of room to grow her game she going down the right path I can see that as a former soccer player/soccer fan.

And as a soccer fan below is from the MLS about the same conversation - the DA is changing everything as will the Girls DA or ECNL which ever it is - gone are the days of ODP and the big aggressive athletic girl. Again just one yahoo's opinion

MLS has long been known for its physicality, and that has been represented in the SuperDraft over the years. Players with size, speed, and athleticism have, by and large, been more prized than smaller, more technical players. While there's no hard-and-fast reason why -- just as there's no hard and fast rule that large, athletic players can't also be wildly skillful -- conventional wisdom says it's easier to fit players who are more physically gifted into multiple roles.

But the SuperDraft is no longer the only (or best) way for college-aged players to enter MLS, and hasn't been for more than half a decade. With the rise of the Academy system, more and more of the latter type of players -- small, technical, not eye-poppingly athletic -- have emerged. It looks as though pro teams are finding talent where the NCAA has often failed to look.

Want conventional wisdom for the reasons behind that influx? Simple: their teams have been able to see each of these players develop and figure out where they fit into the team structure. They have crafted a tool for a specifc job, rather than relying upon finding a random tool and hoping it fits
The player acquistion model for each is vastly different, and it's worth noting the sheer volume of attackers -- guys like Fagundez and Shipp, not to mention Andy Najar, the first cross-continent success of the Academy system -- who've come through the Homegrown program.

Time will only tell if this trend continues. But at the moment there is little doubt that the advent of the Homegrown initiative is changing both the size and shape of what we see on the field in MLS.

Anonymous said...

5:44 you know it all don't you? Your kid is super lucky.

Anonymous said...

You have to stop comparing the womens college and WNT game in this country with the mens pro game.
they are very different and at 2 different points in their evolution.

Anonymous said...

8:42 And this is the reason Womens soccer never takes off. Because the cool guys can never support Sky Blue over the Red Bulls.

Why are they different? The game is played the same way with the same rules.

The DA is changing the way people like you look at soccer players - now the DAs are looking for the more technical player regardless of size.

The Girls program will follow. Lets see what the USSF does with the Girls side.

Anonymous said...

Most of the Big time D1 Programs will not even consider a very short girl regardless of her skills.
If she is a very quick short middie they worry she will not hold up to the physical requirements of the college game on the womens side at that level.

they also worry about how will she hold her own in the physical duels and aerial battles in midfield that usually decide the game.

Anonymous said...

Also go back and do the size breakdown of UVA and Fla State and just use box score to use only those girls that played in the final.
Using whole roster is not accurate as D1 Programs keep 25-30 girls on roster so the have practice players for training, but 1/2 of those girls rarely or never play in games and many are walk ons or invited walk ons who receive no athletic scholarship money.
use only the girls in the box score, as those are the players who are in the rotation in the competitive games and that will be a more accurate indicator of the average size of the players at that level.

Anonymous said...

What’s up with all this height-elitist BS? Why are all you nasty losers mentioning that if you are average height you stand NO chance of recognition. Coaches are ALL different, and just because one only wants amazon’s doesn’t mean your daughter cannot find the right niche for her. Please, enough with the tall-girl, is going to get more looks, it sounds exclusionary, and pompous.

Anonymous said...

P.S. The only position on the field where height is truly valued is GK, end of story, end of discussion, end of stupid nonsensical saga...

Anonymous said...

Height is a major factor on the D1 level.
Especially for the top 25 programs.


Anonymous said...

9:05 I agree but this is the only talk going on and I'm okay giving my opinions on it. Some posters (maybe one maybe not) seem to think not.

We can chat about it or not - but as the poster said it is reality and I happen to agree with it - just like it is reality that most of the parent on these boards don't supports Womens soccer by supporting their NWSL team, if they don't ave one then WPSL or W-League teams,

The AVG for NWSL in 2014 = 4,000 and that's because of Portland and their 13,300. Sky Blue had a whopping 1,600. All I read about is NJ soccer this and NJ soccer that - We have a pro team for our kids and we couldn't give a crap. But we will all be watching the Super Bowl later tonight.

Sky Blue had 19k for the season while Portland had 160k. Portland hands down it the best soccer city in the country. Just for the record 2014 AVG for Portland

MSL = 20,800
NWSL = 13,300

Wish we would support the game more on the girls side instead of just talking about it- but then again we (this board) might be the only ones supporting the game.

Anonymous said...

10:10, so I guess that excludes your daughter, yes?

Anonymous said...

9:03 and 9:05 you are so misinformed it is a joke.
the D1 major college programs are absolutely looking for the big strong and fast athletes, just as in the other major sports in this country.
And just as in are other sports a small percentage of small girls will also make it to that level.
but they will have to be SUPERIOR in one or more other areas(like pace and explosive quickness) to offset their small size.
But the majority by far will be taller than average(as we saw with UVA and Fla St taller than 5'7") and much faster than the average player at this level of youth soccer.
When recruiting among a pool of players who are all skilled, let's say high level players on top ecnl or npl teams at major tournaments in top flights, the most coveted will be those will size and pace. to go with those skills.
As far as this being elitist not true at all.Just reality in ALL elite sports.
When we are talking about major college D1 Sports, than it's no different as in the other sports in that those who are the most physically gifted(big, strong, fast athletic) will be the most coveted because they have the most upside when projected through 4 or 5 years in a college in season and off season year round training program.
We are talking about the top programs , the best of the best, of course they want the most gifted athletes and D1 body types because that is who they will have to compete against at that level.. Of course the bigger athletic girls will get the most looks, and the most offers.

Anonymous said...

I like this talk but can we stop talking D1 we have 5 years for that.

College Soccer Teams and Affiliation

Division I 310
Division II 225
Division III 425
NAIA 223
Total 1,183

Approximately 32,765 players are currently participating in women’s college soccer. Due to the application of Title IX, women's soccer is one of the fastest growing intercollegiate sports. Figures based upon all National Collegiate Athletic Association (the "NCAA") teams fielding maximum allowable roster of 26 players and NAIA teams fielding a 35 player roster.

Each year college coaches need to find incoming freshmen players to replace their graduating senior players. On average each NCAA team roster will lose 6.5 players, while NAIA will need to replace 8.75 players. This means, annually, that 8,191 soccer players must be identified and recruited to college soccer teams.

Maximum Number of Scholarships Per Affiliation Division

Affiliation Women
Division I 14
Division II 9.9
Division III None

Coaches have the option to allocate a full scholarship to a player or divide up the scholarship amount among a number of players. Prior to entering negotiations with a college for a scholarship, it is important for an athlete to know how many soccer scholarships a college has available and to have a realistic understanding of his or her value to the college’s soccer program.

For those players that are likely to make a positive and significant impact to a team, a full or partial scholarship or tuition discount is a strong possibility

The reality is that the majority of college soccer players are receiving money because they qualified for academic or other merit aid.

Anonymous said...

10:53 I agree with most of your points as well.
Just remember that those figures of allowable scholarships are the maximum allowed for the schools at each of those levels.
You must keep in mind that the majority of those schools are not fully funded.
that means that they offer less than the allowable maximum number of scholarships at their respective schools usually for lack of the necessary funding of their athletic departments.
many of these schools are struggling to keep up their minor non revenue producing sports like soccer so they must make do with less than the allowable maximum number of scholarships allowed in the minor sports like womens soccer. Even some of the schools in the major conferences(except the big public state universities)have less than the allowable maximum number of scholarships to hand out.
this is particularly true of the parochial schools such as those in the current Big Est Conference that don't have the income from major college football teams at their schools( those schools without major football programs also do not have to worry about offsetting the 85 football scholarships by allocating a similar number of scholarships to womens sports to be in compliance with title 9 regulations).
While your figures of the number of spots available overall are accurate, using those numbers of schools playing at each level and multiplying those schools by the number of allowable scholarships is false.
Many more of those players are receiving no athletic money and are getting whatever financial help they receive thru academic money or financial aid thru low income grants to their families

Anonymous said...

As an added point there are resources available like Sportsource.com that show the number of scholarships each womens soccer program has available to them.
this is where an experienced club coach who has been through the process with many teams and players can be an invaluable resource to help you negotiate your way through this difficult and often confusing process of finding the right fit for your player.
You need to be proactive and you need to start the process at the beginning of your players freshmen year in high school.
Not so far off as some on this site would have you believe.

Anonymous said...

You only need to start the process early if your a borderline prospect and trying to catch as many coaches attention as possible. But due to PDA only having highly skilled athletes with just the right amount of size needed. They do not have to start the process until the beginning of their Junior year. Most PDA players have already signed their letters of intent by 7th or 8th grade, so lesser organizations will have time to pick up the crumbs that are left.

Anonymous said...

11:37 and 11:43.

Thank you... great Information.

11:52 seems to want to stir the pot.

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